Diy Pallet Headboard

And just in time for the weekend.. the long awaited pallet headboard! I’m excited to (finally) share this project! It’s the biggest project I’ve shared to date. Turning pallets into […]

Dry Acids for Pool

Dry acid, also known as Sodium Bisulfate, is a chemical powder formed from the mixture of Sulfuric acid and Sodium hydroxide. This acid is a crucial supply to your pools […]

Is Pebble tech a good surface?

This is a question most pool owners ask before getting a floored swimming pool. Well, the pebble technology surface is one of the best finishes of a swimming pool today. […]

Best Pool Brush for Pebble Tec

Are you looking for the best pool brush for pebble tech? Look no more because I have reviewed the top six models for 2020. Top 6 Pool Brush for Pebble […]