Dry Acids for Pool

Dry acid, also known as Sodium Bisulfate, is a chemical powder formed from the mixture of Sulfuric acid and Sodium hydroxide. This acid is a crucial supply to your pools as it is used to lower the Alkalinity and pH level of your pool water.

Most especially for pools with high pH and Alkalinity levels, adding dry acid will balance the chemistry of the water, making it safe to inhabit. Another acid that performs a similar function is the muriatic acid, which is in liquid form. Though they perform similar functions, dry acid is preferable because it is user-friendly, less caustic, and doesn’t damage the surface if mistakenly splashed or spilled. You can also store the acid in a wide range of conditions, although it needs to be handled with care as its corrosive.

If dry acid is added to a well-circulating pool, it will dissolve quickly. Before adding it to the swimming pool, test for pH and Alkalinity level to know the quantity to add. Once you’ve found out the quantity you want to add, add it in two badges after every six hours. Test for overall measurement after twenty-four hours.

Dry acids vs muriatic acids

  • There are many differences between dry acid and muriatic acid, even though they do the same job.
  • The dry acid comes in a granular white form why muriatic acid comes in liquid form.
  • Dry acid offers more safety options than muriatic acid but corrosive, while the muriatic acid is unfriendly to our skin and reacts negatively.
  • Dry acid cost more than muriatic acid, and it is worth it due to the chemical’s safety level.

Sodium Bisulfate vs Muriatic acid

Among these acids which is preferable to use? Both acids can be used to minimize the pH level of your pool and its target Alkalinity. Still, many people prefer Sodium Bisulfate due to its less corrosiveness and because it causes no damage to the pool’s surface when it mistakenly spills.


Whichever of the acid you want to use in reducing your pool’s pH is fine because both substances will give you the correct level, but you should try dry acid if you need a product you can handle easily.