Is Pebble tech a good surface?

This is a question most pool owners ask before getting a floored swimming pool. Well, the pebble technology surface is one of the best finishes of a swimming pool today. This is the type of surface to consider if you want a low maintenance surface for your backyard swimming pool.

What are pebble finishes?

Pebble finishes are a mixture of hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles. Both blend offer a smooth surface finish that’s applied after the concrete surface of your pool has dried. This surface finish is applied pneumatically before being water-blasted or hand-wiped to reveal the smooth surface finish.

Why use pebble tech and not other surfaces?

Many of you would prefer to use a cheap product to save cost on opening a swimming pool, but forget that the cheaper a product, the easier it is for it to depreciate. That’s the case with the pebble tech vs plaster surface. The pebble tech is more expensive than the plaster surface, but it last longer saving the pool owner cost on pool repairs. The advantage of the pebble tech over any other surface is that they are nonporous; therefore, they do not absorb pool chemicals and prevent the growth and stain of algae.

Texture and preferred color for pebble tech

The colors of pebble tech you can use vary from the darkest of black hues to the brightest of white and anything in between.  You can select any color you need, but it should always match your backyard background.

You should also remember that texture has a significant role to play in determining the right surface.  However, always use small pebbles because they are non-slip and don’t hurt the feet.

Pebble tech problems

There are a few problems encountered by pebble tech users we should tell you about:

Cost: A pebble tech surface cost double the price of the plaster surface, so you have to be prepared before taking such a decision.

Calcium build-up: if you don’t maintain the right chemical balance, calcium build-up can occur. Therefore, try to check your pool at least once a week.


Pebble tech is a more mature surface than the plastered ones as it offers a better feel and smoothness but it’s quite expensive and also easy to maintain.